August 24th - August 31st 2019


Pierre de Coubertin Award 2019 - SPORTS TESTS

These tests are designed in true Olympic spirit to promote participation. All students should have the opportunity to succeed with the appropriate amount of training and effort.
At the 12th Forum the test will include some traditional events, like a 100m sprint, long jump, swimming, cross country race and boules from a sitting position (typical French sport, paralympique type).

1. He/she can fail in one event without a resit.
2. If a student fails in two events, he/she will get a chance of a resit in one of the failed events.
3. If a student fails in three events, he/she will not be allowed any resits. 
4. The minimum performances are as follows:

1. Cross-country
A ranking list will be set up after the race; about 15:30 min for boys (5.10 min/km) and 12 min (6 min/km) for girls.

2. Swimming
We have two times at the swimming pool, the first on Monday 26th August (11.00-13.00) for training, Tuesday 27th August (9.00-12.00) for the official test. If one participant fails, he/she can have a second chance directly after the competition.
Boys 47 sec to 50 sec!
Girls 52 sec to 55 sec!

3. Long jump Greek Style with Weights  
Three two-footed jumps uninterrupted. The weight of the halters is around 1.5 kilos each.
Three attempts – only the best attempt will be rated.

4. Sprint 100 m
Boys 14.5 sec
Girls 16.0 sec

5. Boules from a sitting position (Paralympique sport)
Each participant has 6 boules (balls). The goal is to throw as many balls as possible into the center to reach the highest score.
Minimum score: 40 points



Other sport activities:

We offer almost every day multiple choises of sport activities for participants of the Youth Forum.

  • Morning Gymnastics


Individual sports like :

    • Table Tennis
    • Aerobics
    • Badminton
    • Sport Boules
    • Pétanque
  • Team sports
    • Basketball
    • Rugby
    • Volleyball


In every event there is a local instructor/accompanying PE teacher who will help and guide if nessecary.




- CROSS female / male