August 24th - August 31st 2019


Pierre de Coubertin Award 2019 - OLYMPIC KNOWLEDGE TEST

All students will, as individuals, complete a short test about the Olympic Movement. The questionnaire with multiple choices on the life of Pierre de Coubertin and questions on the ancient and modern Games, the life of Pierre de Coubertin, Olympic Games venues (summer and winter) will be focussed on. For preparation you may use the pupils’ exhibition “Pierre de Coubertin – Life and work of a Humanist” as well as the previous tests from Tábor, Olympia and Beijing (documented in the Forum Reports). We also suggest to include the film “Pierre de Coubertin: Yesterday and Today”, and “Coubertin Academy. A Handbook for Education in Secondary Schools”.


Need some preparations? Use this learning app created by one YF-workshop during the week.